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As I spent most of my life in Budapest, I have a lot of favourite places. In this page I want to introduce them for you. Probably you can find some interesting places among them and visit them during your next trip in Budapest. My little dream is to build an always renewing database which can be useful also for tourists and for insiders. Additionally I would be glad if you would share your opinion or ideas with me via E-Mail.

In Budapest there are a lot of cafés so if you want to have a coffee, you can choose from several places. Personally I am a real coffee fun and have tried a lot of cafés (traditional and modern, little and big, trendy and hidden ones), so I hope I can customize my offer if you ask for help.

Under this link you can find several addresses to go out. These places are cannot be categorized as restaurants in the strict meaning, even so, you can eat some light dishes in the most of them. It is worth visiting them because of the great value for money, the good location and the cheerful atmosphere.

Under this link you can find those restaurants in Budapest which I would recommend for my guests. I’d tried all of them several times so I can offer you them in good conscience. If you check the places, you would discover that most of them are not located in the city centre. It is not an accident – I think if somebody is looking for the best restaurants in a city, should leave the pedestrian mall.

A list about typical Hungarian cakes and drinks which can be tasted only in Hungary or was setting out on the quest conquering the world.




Are you interested in what kind of music Hungarian people listen to and how this funny language sounds in the music? Even though you cannot understand a word, can recognize that Hungarian music from the 80’s, from the 90’s and from nowadays is interesting and valuable. They are decades old cult hits from several musical genres. They share in common is that all of them are songs of high standard and together give a great overview of Hungarian music which is not known in the other parts of the world.

In the last years you find Jazz in Budapest in more and more places. I think there are two main reasons. On the one hand, there numerous new jazz clubs (line Budapest Jazzclub), while, on the other hand, using the opportunity young musicians can reach even more audience.


Under this link you can find some squares, streets and gardens in Budapest which I locked my heart.


Under this link you can find my favourite exhibitions in Budapest. As you can see, they are not the museums from the guidebooks, but also interesting ones – maybe some hidden treasures from an insider.
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